Girls Ministries Planning Guide

Counselor’s Yearly Planning Guide

January – “Off to a New Start” theme emphasizing goal-setting and spiritual evaluation. Start a new outreach to your community through nursing home visitation/singing/ Bible Reading or children’s hospital visitation. Begin preparing for National Girls Clubs Week.

– “God is Love” theme. Celebrate National Girls Clubs Week during Valentines Day week! Present this year’s National Girls Clubs Week program to church. Plan week of special events/activities for girls to show love to home, church, community and world.

– “I was sick and You Visited Me” theme. National Shut-in Day is March 31 of each year. Do special projects for those in your church who cannot help themselves. Start promoting Girls Clubs Jamboree.

– “Jesus Christ Lives Today!” theme. Spread the good News to those in your community and world. Give special recognition to your Pastor and family. Promote Girls Clubs Jamboree!

– “Remember Mom” theme. Do something special for Mothers and Prayer Mothers (example: make a craft, have a tea party). Home for Children project due on Mother’s Day. Attend State Girls Clubs Jamboree! Plan your own Awards/Promotion Ceremony.

– “Remember Dad” theme. Do something special for girls’ fathers (Example: a Daddy/Daughter Picnic. For those without, let them invite one from the church). Also it’s Camp Meeting & Youth Camp time!! Encourage girls to attend. Provide a scholarship for a child to go to youth camp—lives are transformed here!

– “Pray for Our Nation” theme. Also remember our brave men & women in the military stationed all over the world. General Assembly in Indiana . Pray for these meetings and those traveling.

– “Family Vacation Time”. For those not on vacation, plan a travel time visiting mission field with “tickets”, special foods, guests and films. Finish Curriculum requirements.

– Plan a “Welcome Back to Girls Clubs” party! You can do for each club or all clubs together, inviting friends and family members. Subscribe to Insight Magazine.

– “Harvest Festival” theme with service projects for the Home for Children.

– “Be Thankful” theme with emphasis on the family and those without the necessities of life. Service projects to the needy and spreading God’s Word through world missions will encourage “reaching out”. Honor senior citizens of the church/community.

December – “
 Remember Jesus” theme. Excellent time to reach out to the needy and shut-ins of the community as well as the church. Promote family togetherness during the Christmas season.